The name SGZ ONLINE is extracted from the nick name of the CEO. “SEGZY” and it has being in existence since 2011, but was developed in the 2012.
The first appearance was on Facebook group taggedSGZ ONLINE GROUPafter 2 months of establishment, the group has over 200 members and more than 100 visitors.
It was later transform to a Facebook page taggedSGZ ONLINE after 3 months online, it was rated top 1000 fast growing page on Facebook with over 120 LIKES, 35 people talking about it and 700 viewers per post.
Today, SGZ ONLINE now have over 700 LIKES, 1800 people talking about it and 6000 viewers per post from more than 50 countries around the world with just one Administrator.(Akiode Olusegun).
SGZ ONLINE is now on more than one platform which are Facebook, Twitter, What’s APP,  Blog and Web Site. And the page has gain its fame all around the world by posting of motivational write-up, inspirational words, advice, funny pictures, new innovation creation, News and so on, which fans LIKE, COMMENT and SHARE IT.
SGZ ONLINE Page, group and web site was designed by the CEO (Akiode Olusegun) a Nigeria young under graduate.


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